L’Atelier London is one woman's vision to create beautiful garments drawing inspirations from bohemian lifestyle, yet encompassing glamour and elegance

Brand’s designer, Karoline, has spent her entire career in design industry working on a variety of projects from digital media to fashion. However, it was the fashion industry and the desire to create beautiful products that felt the closest to her heart.
It was the memories from childhood that sparked her interest in fashion. Set in idyllic countryside, from the very young age Karoline watched her grandmother sew dresses for local customers on an old industrial machine. Satin, jersey and lace swatches scattered around the house laid the imaginative ground for her design aesthetics. It wasn’t until later in her life, inspired by extensive travels, her nomadic lifestyle that she decided to pursuit the same path as her grandmother. And this is when L’atelier London brand was born.
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Signature prints and well crafted pieces 

L’Atelier London encapsulates modern femininity with an injection of bohemian style and timeless elegance. Our beautiful pieces exude sophisticated glamour, they are a statement of your unique personality and character! Inspired by Parisian chic with a dash of gypsy style L’Atelier brand brings diverse aesthetics and translates them into carefully crafted pieces. The signature prints are hand-designed in our small studio by the team of skilful artists to give your wardrobe fresh and authentic style.

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